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PHOS in the Finals!

On Saturday 9 PHOS teams competed in the Grand Finals for winter 2019. It was a lovely sunny winter's day perfect for netball and the courts were full of spectators cheering on their teams.

The first team to win were the PHOS U8 division 4 team winning 10-6.

A gorgeous group of little girls whom had never played netball before, they played like they'd been doing it for years. The excitement after the final siren went was contagious and the looks of joy on their faces were second to none. Coached by Kylie Rowe, who they obviously all adore they are a group of future PHOS stars.

Our U8 division 1 team were ahead comfortably at half time, however this didn't last long. After a nail biting finish they managed to win by a narrow margin 12-10. The coach, Dave Watts showed an excellent display of sportsmanship spending some time with the girls from the opposition telling them how good they were and offering words of encouragement. That's what we love about our PHOS coaches! Another close game in the U11 division 5 competition was between PHOS and CLG. PHOS came out the winners, winning 30-27. When the siren went the girls were the most excited of all teams jumping onto the coach, Amanda Steel and clearly proud of their amazing win.

Our U11 division 1 team coached by Lisa Exton had a loss 24-47 with a team that was missing several players. One of the players showed some unbelievable dedication to the game and commitment to PHOS by playing with plaster on her arm!

Unfortunately it wasn't to be with our U13 division 5 team coached by Megan Mahney. However they were all proud to be in the grand finals and they all played their best and still had smiles on their faces after the game. They were defeated 28-49. Two PHOS teams went head to head in the U13 division 2 competition. One team coached by Di Humphries and the other by Grace Mech. It was a close and exciting game with the leader changing on several occasions during the game. Di's team being the victors 43-41 after never beating the other team all season. A great group of girls all came together after the game for a group photo.

Our U15 division 6 team, coached by Neville Brooks got off to a slow start and were looking to be defeated. Then in the last quarter they brought it home scoring 14 goals and winning by 1 goal 40-39!

Finally our U15 division 2 team, coached by Michelle Ovan did so well to get in the grand finals not being a favourite and finishing 4th on the ladder. They played so well though only losing by 1 goal in the end 37-36.

A great day and a great effort from all of our PHOS teams! Congratulations!

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