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Player Uniforms

Uniform nights are arranged at the start of each Winter season. Uniforms will be available to try on uniforms and purchase along with other merchandise. 


If you need a uniform during the season or for Summer, please visit Port Rd Sports, 745 Port Rd, Woodville SA 5011 as they do keep some stock throughout the year. 

PHOS hoodies, PHOS blue jackets, PHOS black Jackets & vests and socks can be ordered online through Sportscentre at any time of the year via this link.

PHOS Netball Club Uniform

PHOS Boyleg.png

PHOS Boyleg Shorts  $50

Please note: Players are also able to wear plain black boyleg shorts under their dress.

Optional Items

Training Top (name on back)


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PHOS Blue Wet Weather Jacket


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PHOS Hoodie

$55 ($60 with name)

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PHOS Black Puffer Jacket


PHOS Black Puffer Vest


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PHOS Second Hand Uniforms

PHOS have a Facebook group where you can buy and sell second hand uniforms.


Please join if you are interested in buying and selling second hand uniforms.

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