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Royal Blue Dress  and Sports Shorts 

PHOS Camden club socks


Optional Items


Training Top (with name on back)

PHOS Hoodie (with name on back)


Uniform Cost

Dress & Sports Shorts                            $105.00

Training Top (with name on back)       $55.00

PHOS Sox    (out of stock)                     $15.00
PHOS Hoodie (with name on back)     $60.00                       

Second Hand Uniforms

We welcome the return of second hand uniforms - Junior polos and skirts, Dresses (for hygiene purposes we are unable to accept dress knickers) Second hand uniforms can either be donated or PHOS can sell them on consignment.  Any sold on consignment, PHOS will retain 10% of the amount received as an admin/handling charge.

Dress and Shorts

U8 , U9 Playing Skirt

Training Top


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